Too Much Us in We Day?

Teachers at the recent MTS AGM voted to remove MTS support for We Day. “The Manitoba Teachers’ Society model of social justice is not reflected in We Day,” the resolution said. We Day doesn’t promote, support, or include a model of social justice that the Society identifies as effective in advancing social change. In recent years, We Day has attracted controversy because of the number of corporate sponsors involved in the events and the practices of those sponsors, both at the event and in their business dealings. Some sponsors have been accused of actions in other countries that run counter to the messages on which We Day is based.  This decision does not extend to the involvement of teachers, students, and schools. Teachers and schools are free to make their own decisions regarding participation in We Day. In the past, MTS staff and elected officials have promoted and participated in We Day; this will now end.

Adapted from MTS Press Release

Collective Bargaining

As announced at our AGM, we will be conducting a collective bargaining survey in May. While the window to respond will be open from May 8 to May 15, we encourage all members to take part on the May 8 PD day. This survey is the first step in preparation for bargaining in 2018.