The Manitoba Minister of Education, speaking at the MTS AGM, posited that we should think about the children when dealing with the fiscal challenges that lie ahead. Mary Cathryn Riker, the Executive Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers, spoke soon after the Minister, and noted that we teachers think about the children so much, we made it our day job – and, as noted earlier, it is sometimes our evening and weekend occupation as well. The Manitoba Teachers’ Society believes that, once in a while, we should also think about the teacher. We should pause and remember the positive experiences from the time when we were in school, under the supervision of great and caring teachers who made it their day job to think about us. That is what the My Teacher My Story project is about. In the June 6 newsletter, I introduced you to the My Teacher My Story campaign which is now in full swing and accepting submissions. My Teacher My Story celebrates that which is good and excellent about our profession. It celebrates a course we loved because of the teacher, a sport or club that came alive due to its leader, or that one special comment made by a caring teacher at just the right time in our lives. Anyone may make a submission to My Teacher My Story; submissions may be in video or written form. For complete instructions on how to submit your story, or to view what has already been submitted, head over to the MTS website and check it out.