Collective Bargaining

Provincial Bargaining on the horizon:

In November 2020, the Manitoba government introduced legislation to move teachers to provincial bargaining. Bill 45 will establish a single tier, centralized bargaining model for all public school teachers, with the exception of the Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine (DSFM).

Bill 45 – The Public Schools Amendment and The Manitoba Teachers’ Society Amendment Act, (click the title to go to the act), has been a long time in the making, with the government announcing its intent to move to a provincial bargaining model in 2018. MTS has had discussions with government on this legislation since 2018, having developed its own provincial bargaining policy, almost a decade earlier. Click here to read more on Bill 45. Click here for Provincial Bargaining FAQ

What you need to know?

  • MTS is prepared with a Provincial Bargaining Protocol, (click here). The Society will be the central bargaining agent for Manitoba teachers (except for DSFM) when or if the bill is passed, and there is no timing for when this may occur.
  • Current collective agreements are followed until a new one is reached. None of the 38 locals have an updated agreement. Our ITA/ISD CA expired June 30, 2018.
  • Does MTS support provincial bargaining? In 2011, bargaining principles and models for a single-tier and two-tier provincial bargaining system were adopted into MTS policy at Provincial Council. MTS supports single-tier provincial bargaining, subject to the following conditions:
  1. Teachers remain governed under the Labour Relations Act.
  2. MTS will bargain directly with the Province of Manitoba (the funder).
  3. Bargaining must be fair and with an open scope.
  4. The mechanisms for dispute resolution, whether strike or interest arbitration, must be without limitation.
  5. The best provisions from existing collective agreements should be the standard for the new contract.
  6. The membership of MTS will remain, as it currently exists.
  • Are there concerns about the government’s provincial bargaining bill? One clause reads: In making an award, the arbitrator or arbitration board must take into consideration all factors that they consider relevant, including:

(a) the ability of the school division or school district to pay in light of its fiscal situation; and

(b) the economic situation in MB.” 

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