ITA Executive

2021-22 ITA Executive:    
Position Name School
President Cathy Pleskach Warren Collegiate
Vice-President Susan Hannah RW Bobby Bend
Secretary Kim Deline Brant-Argyle
Treasurer Rebecca Good Stonewall Centennial
Collective Bargaining Maria Nickel Stonewall Centennial
Education Finance Dan Gregovski Stonewall Collegiate
Employee Benefits Myles Blahut Teulon Collegiate
Equity & Social Justice Kathy Simcoe Teulon Collegiate
Indigenous Voice Cora-Leigh Mazurat New Haven Colony
Professional Development Lindsey Sturgeon Stonewall Collegiate
Public Relations Sheila Anderson Rosser
Workplace Safety & Health Christie Crow Grosse Isle
Member At Large Ross Ledochowski Teulon Collegiate
Member At Large Zach Ward Stonewall Centennial
  • Specific Executive Chair Descriptions – LINK

General job descriptions of executive chairs:

1. Attend annual training & respective seminars offered by the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

2. Report back information and share with executive and ITA members through meetings, reports and newsletters. 

3. Act as the ITA resident expert in your respective area when members have questions or concerns.

4. Liaise with the appropriate chair on ISD in these areas. 

5. Chair an ad-hoc committee if your portfolio requires.