• This link connects you to numbers to call to access a Staff Officer or to ask general inquiries of the Society.
    • This link connects you to the Member Profile sign in page, allowing you to make up to date edits of your current information. You will need your Member # to log in.
  • EAP (Educator Assistance Program) Services or to CONTACT
    • This link will connect you to information and professionals who can help you if you are struggling with your current physical or mental health, well-being, or are working through trauma or personal issues that require specialised attention and help.

MTS Life Speak Wellness Platform

At The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, we realize there are times we could all use extra advice, support, information or inspiration. We are excited to be bringing you LifeSpeak – a digital wellness platform that can provide MTS members and their families with instant access to expert advice and confidential information when and where they need it. – LIFE SPEAK LINK

There are over 480 expert-led video modules on topics such as:

• Mindfulness
• Eating for Optimal Health
• Better Sleep for Better Health
• Mental Health Stigma
• Parenting Topics – from Maternity to Teens
• Shifting Your Mindset to Wealth
• Stress Mastery
• Couples Relationships
• Professional Development & Leadership content
• Digital Addiction

LifeSpeak will be available 24/7 from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Access is anonymous and confidential.

To access LifeSpeak members should sign into MyProfile and click on the LifeSpeak link.

NEW – Expert Help: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us. We live in uncertainty, life’s habits and familiar patterns have all but disappeared, and no one knows what the next hour or day holds.

LifeSpeak’s experts can help you carve out some peace of mind by giving you tips and strategies that are easy to implement, right now. Share this information with your loved ones; we can all make a difference.

The following videos are available in our library:

  • The Link Between Sleep and Health
  • Addressing Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to make connections and reduce loneliness
  • How do We Start Being More Mindful in Everyday Life?
  • How do We Start Being More Mindful in Everyday Life?
  • The 5 Pathways to Resilience
  • Health Habits and Stress – Sleep, Caffeine and Exercise
  • Stress and the Mind-Body Connection
  • Technology Use: How to Find a Balance
  • How Parents Can Stay Connected as a Couple During COVID-19

Collective Bargaining

Provincial Bargaining Preparations have begun by MTS:

Bill 45 – The Public Schools Amendment and The Manitoba Teachers’ Society Amendment Act, (click the title to go to the act), has been passed (but not yet proclaimed). It will establish a single tier, centralized bargaining model for all public school teachers, with the exception of the Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine (DSFM).

What you need to know?

  • MTS is prepared and has initiated the Society’s Provincial Bargaining Protocol, which you can read HERE. The Society will be the central bargaining agent for Manitoba teachers (except for DSFM). Provincial Bargaining Seminar 1 on October 1 & 2, will see representatives from each local come together to compile our provincial needs & wants. Seminar 2 is in March of 2022. The goal after that is to be ready with an opening package for our employer.
  • Our local collective agreement expires June 30, 2022, and is followed until a new one is reached.
  • If Bill 45 is not proclaimed by June 30, 2022, ITA will commence bargaining on behalf of its members as in previous years.
  • MTS supports single-tier provincial bargaining, subject to the following conditions:
  1. Teachers remain governed under the Labour Relations Act.
  2. MTS will bargain directly with the Province of Manitoba (the funder).
  3. Bargaining must be fair and with an open scope.
  4. The mechanisms for dispute resolution, whether strike or interest arbitration, must be without limitation.
  5. The best provisions from existing collective agreements should be the standard for the new contract.
  6. The membership of MTS will remain, as it currently exists.
  • Are there concerns about the government’s provincial bargaining BILL 45? One clause reads: In making an award, the arbitrator or arbitration board must take into consideration all factors that they consider relevant, including:

(a) the ability of the school division or school district to pay in light of its fiscal situation; and

(b) the economic situation in MB.” 

MTS and ITA will send regular all-member emails. Please update your MyProfile (LINK) with a personal email, or risk missing out on bargaining updates and the all-members email THE SUB.

Maternity Leave News and Information

  • Maternity/Parental Leave Intro Video
  • Maternity/Parental Leave Info Document
  • Maternity Leave and Pension Buy Back – TRAF has a new online maternity/parental/adoption leave cost calculator, accessible through TRAF Online Services.  This calculator provides a quicker and smoother application, tracking, and calculation process for members and school divisions.  This calculator is for maternity/parental and adoption leaves that are purchased during the leave and within 18 months after the end of the leave.